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  • Biotin Plus Hair & Nail Vitamins, (All-Natural)

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    NUGRO Biotin Plus Hair & Nail Supplements.  These SMALL, BUT POWERFUL, ALL-NATURAL supplements help promote longer, thicker healthier hair and nails using only natural herbs and vitamins, with a heaping dose of Biotin.  NO GLUTENS.  NO PARABENS.  NO FILLERS.  NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR.  For use with all NU-GRO Hair Growth Systems OR Individual Hair Growth products.  It comes in a convenient, resealable pouch that takes up very little space.  Easy to carry in your purse or pocket.  Note, we are leading the industry with All-Natural supplements that contain NO FILLERS, and space-saving packaging ideas. Ingredients listed below:
    Biotin - Promotes healthy hair growth.  Increases the elasticity of the hair's cortex, helping to prevent breakage.  Biotin helps produce Keratin, which helps prevent breakage and hair loss.
    Silica nourishes and shines hair, and helps maintain the hair's elasticity that allows it to "move".  Encourages hair growth, but fights hair loss, split ends and dandruff.  Aids in producing strong, shiny nourished hair.
    Garlic - Assists in fast hair growth and helps stop hair loss.  Helps improve hair texture and promotes strong hair roots.  Can increase blood circulation to the scalp.  Helps fight dandruff, and promotes strong, thicker hair.
    Nettle - Encourages strong, shiny hair.  Helps reduce hair loss and encourages hair regrowth.  Nettle contains vitamin A and C, potassium, iron and lots of protein. These help nourish the hair for stronger, healthier, conditioned hair.
    Burdock - Aids in conditioning dry scalp, promoting hair growth and fighting flaky scalp and dandruff.  Burdock contains mucilage, tannins, inulin, vitamin A and essential fatty acids... all of which can help nourish hair.
    Paba Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) - Helps restore body to hair.
    Rosemary Leaf - Helps slow the appearance of grey hair and gives hair a nice, glossy look.
    Jojoba Oil - Promotes strong hair fibres.  Also, helps to hydrate hair, add shine, elasticity, softness and volume.  Helps repair hair damaged by heat and styling.
    Olive Oil - Helps strengthen hair and assists in slowing/stopping hair loss.  Helps make hair shiny, soft and thicker.
    Safflower Oil - Promotes faster hair growth and healthier hair.  Helps hair to retain moisture. Used to help prevent baldness and hair loss.
    Castor Oil - Helps with thinning hair, dry scalp, hair loss and split ends.
    Coconut Oil - Helps fight hair loss, baldness and hair breakage.
    Shea Butter - Aids in hair growth, softening and repairing split ends and promotes healthy scalp.  Assists in moisturizing hair, and helps heal damaged, irritated, dry or itchy scalp.
    Aloe Vera - Promotes hair growth and naturally aids in exfoliating the scalp.  Helps fight dandruff and restore shine and luster to the hair.
    Vitamin D - Promotes hair growth.
    Vitamin E - Stimulates hair growth, helps prevent premature graying and revives hair shine.
    NU-GRO Biotin Plus Hair & Nail Dietary Supplement Capsules:
    • 30 Capsules (1 Month supply)
    • Epiration date: December, 2020
    Keep this product out of reach of children.  If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, planning any medical procedure or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use.  Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.  Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.
    Suggested use: for adults, take one (1) capsule daily, preferably with a meal.  As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications you take with your health care providers.  Store at room temperature and reseal pouch after each use.  Avoid excessive heat.  For your protection, we have packed our supplements in a convenient, resealable GO-PAK pouch that doesn't take much room.  You can easily carry it in your purse or pocket.  Do not use if seal is broken.  All supplements sold in 2015 have expiration date of 2020.
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    General Info on Biotin follows:

    Biotin is a naturally occurring B-vitamin (vitamin B7). Sometimes it’s called vitamin H or co-enzyme R. It is produced naturally in thebiotin for hair growth intestines and is also found in common foods such as leafy green vegetables, peanuts, Swiss chard, raw egg yolks and liver. A well balanced diet usually results in plenty of biotin for the average person to maintain their health.
    Biotin deficiency is rare (although more common in pregnant women) and treatable with proper diet or a biotin supplement. However, when it comes to treating hair loss using biotin for hair growth, a biotin supplement is almost always required. This is because of  the much higher levels of biotin needed than what is found in a common diet.
    How Effective and Safe is Biotin for Hair Growth?
    The bottom line is that biotin won’t work for everybody, but it works very well for some people. The reason is that biotin does not stimulate new hair growth.
    Instead, it renews the follicles and roots of the hairs that are already growing. It results in thicker, fuller & much healthier hair (not to mention healthier skin and nails), which is often sufficient for those suffering from mild to moderate alopecia. If you have suffered from severe baldness for years, biotin will probably not work as well for you.  However, there are many other herbs and vitamins in our Biotin Plus Hair Vitamins that may help stimulate new hair growth.
    Biotin is considered safe, even in high doses for most people. There are very few side effects, which I’ll discuss in a moment. This means that you don’t risk much by trying biotin for hair growth for a few months. It is safe if used properly, so the potential benefits can greatly outweigh the risks.
    Consistent and long-term use of biotin will result in healthier roots and follicles, as well as stronger and fuller hair. This means that hair breakage will not occur nearly as often and hair will grow longer as a result. That is why people often claim that biotin makes their hair grown faster.
    Biotin for Hair Growth: Side Effects & Safety
    Biotin has been shown in laboratory tests to be non-toxic, even at very high levels.
    biotin for hair growth
    So, is Biotin good for Hair Growth? 
    Yes, but be realistic about your situation. Biotin is one of several good vitamins for hair growth. If used properly it will produce healthier, thicker hair with the added benefit of stronger nails and better skin.


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