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  • My Fantasy Conditioner

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    Fantasy Conditioner designed BY YOU, and FOR YOU!  With FREE Conditioning cap!  Give your hair the Spa Treatment it deserves. We start with a base that you choose.  Then, we add Essential Oils, Herbs, Natural Oils, Vitamins and Special Ingredients chosen by you.  You know what you want for your hair.  So choose from our list of natural and Special Ingredients.  It's your choice.  Whether you want Rosemary, Burdock or Yogurt, or maybe Mayonnaise and Eggs, or perhaps Argan Oil.  With a nice fragrance to boot!  No need to drive around hunting for ingredients, then staying up late to mix. We are your very own "Kitchen Magician"!  With 27 years of experience, NU-GRO is the expert!  We're also an affiliate member of the American Chemical Society.  So select from the following ingredients and we'll do the rest!  Below is a "Quick Reference" guide to your choices of ingredients:

    Burdock - Growth
    Garlic - Growth
    Horsetail Coltsfoot - Growth, Health
    Nettle - Growth, Health
    Parsley - Shine/Beauty

    Lavendar Oil - Health, Growth (Relaxing Aroma)
    Lemon Oil - Health (Great for Oily or light colored hair)
    Peppermint Oil - Health
    Rosemary Oil - Health
    Tea Tree Oil - Health

    Almond Oil - Shine/Beauty, Health
    Argan OilShine/Beauty, Health, Growth
    Black Castor Oil - Health, Growth
    Coconut Oil - Shine/Beauty, Health, Growth
    Jojoba Oil - Health, Growth
    Walnut Oil - Shine/Beauty, Health, Growth

    SPECIAL INGREDIENTS: (Refrigerate after use)
    Avacado (Blended whole) - Health, Growth
    Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) - 
    Shine/Beauty, Health, Growth
    Egg (Raw) - Shine/Beauty, Health, Growth (Hydrolyzed so protein can get in hair shaft)
    Honey - Shine/Beauty, Health, Growth
    Mayonnaise - Shine/Beauty (Hydrolyzed so protein can get in hair shaft)
    Yogurt - Shine/Beauty, Health

    Amla Powder - Shine/Beauty, Health, Growth
    Aritha Powder - Shine/Beauty
    BhringrajShine/Beauty, Health, Growth
    Brahmi - Shine/Beauty, Health
    Kapoor Kachli - Shine/Beauty, Growth
    Maka Shine/Beauty, Health, Growth
    MethiShine/Beauty, Health, Growth
    Neem - Health
    Shikakai Powder - Shine/Beauty, Health

    Biotin - Growth
    Vitamin A - Health
    Vitamin B-5 - Health, Growth
    Vitamin D - Growth
    Vitamin E - Growth


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