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Private Label Services/Label Info

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As a private label company, we have a stock of formulas ready to be bottled and sold under your brand name!  We also possess the capability to manufacture custom products as per your needs.  Imagine your logo on a line of prestige quality hair care, skincare and/or cosmetic products that your clients simply can't resist.   You can become a trusted business partner to makeup artists, salons and spas worldwide.  

Consider this, private labels offers you control over product factors such as pricing, size, package design, production and distribution.  Private label branding is one way to separate yourself from competitors.  By marketing your brand well and creating a demand for it, you benefit as your customers' only source.

Other benefits include: Higher margins than a brand name product, greater pricing strategy, increase average sales, you control inventory, stronger customer loyalty, your customers will ONLY buy from you and it's very, very affordable with NU-GRO.

Just tell us what products you want and your sales targets, either you or we design the label, order your products and we ship to you!  Choose shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, hair oils, etc. or tell us what we can custom blend for you.  (Call for actual product pricing).  The first step is to choose your label package, which includes a non-refundable deposit.  Call and talk to one of our reps so we can get your label and logo details.  In 2 weeks or less, we'll have your label prepared and 2 weeks after that, we guarantee your products to be ready to ship. 

Our Label packages include the First label, Bar (UPC) code, Sample product mailings and 1-time deposit.  Here's some of the options we offer:

1. Basic Color-Accented Label (1st label FREE). Additional product labels just $70 each.  Does not include logo design.

2. Fully Customized Label Package - $250.  Comes with one FREE Completely Custom label design.  Each additional customized label $90.  Does not include logo design.

3. Business PLUS Package - $950.  Comes with:

- One Completely Custom label design,  Each additional customized label only $90.  

- Logo design, 

- 1,000 Business Cards, 

- 1,000 Post Cards,  

- Your own website selling up to 5 products with 3 pages (additional pages available).


(Consultation required for Pricing)

1. Custom Logo Design

2. Marketing Materials & Marketing Services (Includes business cards, post cards, email blasts and much more)

3. Design & Build Websites to sell your products.

4. Low & High Volume Printing Services

5. Copy Writing

6. Product Photography Service

7. Creative Marketing Services (Email blasts, Sell on other websites). 


 Call Nicole @ (318) 840-6334 or MrGreg @ (318) 572-4585 today!


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