GRO HAIR LIKE CRAZY!!..... Since 1987!
NU-GRO makes products that grow, thicken and heal damaged hair.  These products not only promote fast hair growth, but help stop shedding, breaking, thinning, balding, slow growth and no growth.  They help beautify by giving hair body, bounce and shine and can even keep hair moisturized all day long.  Most of our products are All-Natural, made with 100% natural herbs and vitamins.

NU-GRO has been growing hair since the 80's.  In 1987, my father was praying about things that happen whey you get old.  He prayed that his feet wouldn't get cold at night.  So now, he says his feet are so hot, he can't cover them at night.  Also, he prayed he wouldn't lose his teeth.  So, after praying, the dentist tells him he'll have his teeth for the rest of his life.  And he prayed that he wouldn't lose his hair.  While praying for his hair, he was supernaturally given a hair growth recipe consisting of natural herbs and vitamins.  He wrote down the recipe and carefully blended the herbs and vitamins he had received while praying.  Then he tested it on 41 nationalities It grew hair on everybody!  By the way, my father is about 85 today with an AFRO!!

In 2004, I took over NU-GRO, and with solid advice from my Pastor, began working with top Hair Professionals including: A Touch of Heaven, Mrs Faye, Vonda, Mrs Christine Page, Blalock Beauty College, Grambling State University (GSU) and others - and broadened the product line.

Each and every product we send out is made with care and prayer.  That's why NU-GRO hair products help to quickly grow, thicken and heal damaged hair - and to maintain healthy hair.  People can feel the difference almost immediately and usually see noticeable hair growth in about 2 - 4 weeks.  Personally, NU-GRO made me get 2 haircuts in 1 week, grew my daughters hair to her waist and grew back my wife's sides in just weeks!  When our little toddler lost his hair on the sides and back of his head, we formulated our Baby & Children's system, and, using these products, he too quickly grew an afro!  Like our customers tell us, "This stuff really works!"

NU-GRO offers natural hair growth, body care, weight loss and Men's Grooming products.  Note, we changed our name to "NU-GRO NATURALS, which reflects not only hair growth products that use natural herbs and vitamins, but also natural healing products, such as our slimming oil, Forever young tea and CBD oil.

Try NU-GRO and start growing hair today!


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NuGro Hair Products is a BBB Accredited Beauty Equipment Supplier in Shreveport, LA