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1. What do I use if my hair is really dry?

We recommend the Moisturizer Plus or the Xtreme moisturizer, along with Leave-In Conditioner.  Alternate use.

2. What can I use if I have alopecia?

Start each day with Oil-Free mist, and use the MEGA Hair-GRO System as directed.

3. Which product will help you grow your edges?

Use Temple Balm on edges daily.

4. Can I use the adult line for my teenage kids?


5. What do I use if my hair is shedding real bad?

Moisturizer Plus or Xtreme Moisturizer daily.

6. Can I use products with braids in my hair?


7. Is the liquid oil the same as the jar of oil? 


8. What's the difference between wild gro and liquid?

Liquid Hair-GRO Oil is made with our unique blend of Natural herbs & Vitamins infused in an all-natural base.  The Wild-GRO has an ADDITIONAL blend of Indian herbs. Indian herbs have been used for centuries to grow, thicken, heal and darken hair.

9. Can this product be used on relaxed hair?

Yes. Use lightly on relaxed hair.

10. How long before I see results?

Most people see noticeable hair growth within 30 days. Shedding normally is drastically reduced in just a few days.I

11. Can I use if I'm on chemo. 

Yes. Many have with great success  like Mrs Cynthia in Memphis who lost her hair with chemo, but, thanks to NuGRO, now has hair growing down her back!

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