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Ms. Christi Bailey shares her 3 weeks of growth using NUGRO. During her cancer treatments, she lost her hair due to excessive thinning and balding. We are grateful she is a cancer survivor.

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Biotin Blast Collection
This System comes with our best NU-GRO products, boosted with biotin. They include our 1) Rejuvenating Shampoo, 2) Hair Regenerating Conditioner (Silk & Shine), 3) Hair Rejuvenating Leave-In (Softening) Conditioner, 4) Moisturizing PLUS spray, 5) Liquid Hair-GRO scalp oil and 6) Professional strength (light) Hair-GRO Oil.

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Moisturize Plus. Helps grow, thicken, heal hair. Keeps hair moisturized and conditioned
Oil-Free Hair-GRO Spray Promotes FAST hair growth. Light, Powerful Hair-GRO stimulator, when applied to scalp.
Detangling / Moisturizing Spray for Baby & Children. Helps detangle, grow, thicken, heal hair.
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I used this on my 4 yr. old daughter's hair. It instantly made her super dry hair soft and manageable to comb. Her hair stays moisturized all day. I just placed another order for 2 more bottles. This is something you'll never want to run out of.

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