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Our private labeling process allows our clients to private label our product under their brand name and sell to their customers. We are proud to take the opportunity to manufacture the highest quality products to satisfy both our clients and their customers. Private labeling provides our clients the opportunity to decrease their costs and maximize profit - while offering superior products.

Interested in making money on your own products?

As a private label company, we have a stock of formulas ready to be bottled & sold under your brand name.
We also can customize products as per your needs. Imagine your name on a line of prestige quality hair care, skincare and/or cosmetic products that your clients simply can't resist. Become a trusted business partner to makeup artists, salons and spas worldwide. Our extensive range of innovative product formulas make it easy for  you  to  build  your  brand  and business.

Control and Exclusivity of Your Private Label

Private labels offer retailers control over product factors such as pricing, size, 
package design, production and distribution. You can develop and  implement innovative ideas to gain market share over national brands. This includes the ability to make changes based on customer's changing preferences.
Private label branding is one way to separate yourself from competitors. One of the greatest attributes of private labels is that you inherently have an exclusive right to sell the products. By marketing your brand well and creating a demand  for it, you benefit as  your  customers'  only source. 

Benefits of Private Label

• Substantially higher margins than a brand name product

• Greater freedom with pricing strategy

• Freedom to create your own marketing plans

• You have control over the stock inventory

• Create a positive image of yourself for your customer which will lead to stronger customer loyalty

• Positions you better in a tight economy

• Private label start-up is very affordable.

What is the Process of A Private Label?

• Pay one-time setup fee. 

• We can design labels & logos for you. 

• You tell us what products you want, the container sizes & types and # of dozens.

• We can design labels & logos for you. 

• We produce your products & ship them. 

• Your products can be on your shelves in as little as 2-3 weeks in most cases

• We can sell your products on many online platforms and dropship.

• Minimum order, $1,000.

• We offer Email-Blasting.

Special Packages



1. Basic label design

2. One accent color option (DOES NOT INCLUDE A CUSTOM LOGO DESIGN)



1. Completely Custom label design

2. Free One Hour Consultation




1. Completely Custom label design

2. Free One Hour Consultation

3. Basic Custom Logo Design

4. 1,000 Business Cards (includes design & printing)

5. 1,000 Post Cards (includes design & printing)

6. Up to 5 product simple e-commerce site (does not include domain name example: includes 3 pages 

(additional pages will be charged at an hourly rate).



1. Sell on NU-GRO Website.  

2. Email blasts    

3. Drop ship (from your website)


1. Custom Logo Design Services are available upon request*

2. Additional Marketing Materials and Collateral Services are available upon request*

3. Ecommerce Web Design Services are available upon request*

4. Low & High Volume Printing Services are available upon request*

5. Copy Writing Services are available upon request*

6. Product Photography Services are available upon request*

Products Available for Private Labeling (W/ All-Natural Option)

• Shampoos: All-Natural, Sulfate-Free

• Conditioners: Silky & smooth, Moisturizing, Leave-In,  Deep 

• Hair Vitamins (All-Natural)

• Hair Moisturizer (All-Natural)

• Hair/Scalp Oils (All-Natural)

• Lash Growth Extender (All-Natural)

• Tummy Melt Rub-On Oil (All-Natural)

• Alkaline Water

• Shaving Gel/Razor Bump Spray

• We Customize Products for you

Custom creations are manufactured upon request

Nicole, Sales Mgr (318) 840-6334 or MrGreg, (318) 572-4585

NuGro Hair Products is a BBB Accredited Beauty Equipment Supplier in Shreveport, LA