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Healthy Alkaline LIVING Water (4 Liters)


Alka-Life Alkaline water now in New, Larger 1 Liter (34 oz) bottles!  Alkaline water helps cleanse your body of toxins, can help clear clogged blood vessels and assists in the fight against obesity.  Its designed to rid the body of toxins while replacing needed minerals in the body.  This water is an Antioxidant and can help rid the body of waste more efficiently. 

Testimony: My mother had breast cancer, kidney and liver issues, back pain and suffered from knee pain.  I gave her 3 gallons (12 liters) of Alkaline water for 1 week.  In a week, she was crying tears of joy.  "No pain!" she said, "I feel wonderful!".    Barbara, Houston TX

This alkaline water helps add oxygen to the body and can help you avoid (and rebuild after) kidney and liver damage. Our alkaline water has a PH level of from 9.5 to over 10+.  The highest Alkalinic PH content for alkaline water possible!   You won't find this in your grocery store!  Try for back pain, knee joint pain, kidney & liver health, Diabetes, feet issues and cancer. 

Your cells are made up of 99% water. Soda/soft drinks can cause cells to become 89% water, throwing the body PH level out of balance.  This water shortage in the body can cause the body to hold onto water, even making you unable to urinate, helping cause diabetes and obesity and can bring about depression, sickness etc.  Drink our Alkaline LIVING water... you might like it!!


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