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  • Cash Slim-Down 15 Pounds, Weight Loss Challenge

    $29.99 $24.99

    Get ready for summer!  Let's get rid of 15 POUNDS IN 1 MONTH!!!  Shrink down your bod with NU-SLIM Slimming oil and 2 gallons (8 liters) of our healthy Alkaline "Living" water.    A $53 value for $39.  NU-SLIM, just rub on, and weight off!  You can lose 3-6 pounds/inches per week. Helps naturally curb the appetite.  Comes with Alka-LIFE Alkaline water, with a PH level of 9.5 - 10 +.  This water helps fight obesity and helps restore clogged arteries.  You can lose weight, look good and live longer with this summer package at a special savings.

    Get on Board!!  Monthly $50 cash prizes and 4 month grand prize of $200.  Select how much weight you would like to slim down: 15-20 pounds in 1 month, 30-40 pounds in 2 months, 45-55 pounds in 3 months or 60-70 pounds in 4 months.  You will receive the amount of slimming oil and Alkaline water to use during this weight loss period.  NU-GRO will send, with your order, a Cash Slim-Down "daily use sheet", that helps to make sure you properly use the slimming oil and drink the Alkaline water.  There is a place for the "Weight In's" done at the end of each week.  At the end of each month, the individual that has slimmed down the most in weight, or the most in inches, each will receive $50.  At the end of September, whoever has the most weight loss will receive the grand prize of $200.


    NuGro Hair Products is a BBB Accredited Beauty Equipment Supplier in Shreveport, LA