Grow, Thicken, Heal & Maintain Hair!
  • HAIR GROWTH SYSTEMS to choose from.

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    Select the System that's right for you!  Instructions included:

    MEGA Hair-GRO System to help Grow Hair like CRAZY (#1 Seller, As demonstrated by Ateeya on YouTube) Can help quickly grow, thicken & heal damaged hair - and can even bring your edges back. This system helps stop hair from thinning, shedding and breaking and keeps hair moisturized all day.  Helps give you long, growing, thick, healthy, shiny hair.

    Baby and Children Hair-GRO System.  These products have been specially formulated for the needs of babies, toddlers and children to age 12.  Helps correct balding, shedding, thinning, cradle cap and many other hair and scalp issues - and promotes fast hair growth.  Babies should be at least 6 months old before using NU-GRO.

    Natural Hair Care & GRO System.  Natural hair can bring about many challenges, such as dryness, brittleness, breakage and lots of shedding.  Syling can be a problem along with detangling.  NU-GRO Natural System addresses ALL of these issues.

    Men's Hair-GRO System.  For men experiencing balding, thinning or receding hair line, or, who want to just grow more hair or a beard.  Comes with Hair-GRO Shampoo, Oil-Free Hair-GRO spray and Hair-GRO Oil,  plus Free Boars Head Wave BrushFollow these steps to longer, thicker healthier hair and fuller beard! 

    Travel Hair-GRO System. Going by bus, train, car or boat... Don't forget your FAA approved NU-GRO Travel Kit.  For beautiful, thick, growing, shiny healthy hair on the go - and a confidence boost!  Comes with: 2 oz Hair-GRO Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizing/Detangler and Professional Strength Hair-GRO Oil!

    Sheri's Pics Hair-GRO System. Sheri, from North Dakota, has been getting lots of compliments on how beautiful her hair is.  It all started a just after she started using NU-GRO.  She uses the Regular Shampoo and the Leave-In Conditioner.  She loves NU-GRO and her hair has never looked this good!

    NU-LAXER Flat-Iron System.  Can be used instead of chemical relaxer. Helps grow hair while flat-ironing. Comes with All-Natural Heat Protection Spray, Thermal Oil, PLUS treatment Shampoo AND Conditioner.  These combine to leave the hair silky, shiny and smooth, with a polished, relaxed look.  Can last for up to 2 weeks.  Get many, many uses out of this kit!


    NuGro Hair Products is a BBB Accredited Beauty Equipment Supplier in Shreveport, LA